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Welcome to Volume III of your Stormwater Education Toolkit! The toolkit contains guidance materials, examples of model programs, and electronic versions of already designed educational materials developed to assist with Stormwater Education Program implementation.

This CD contains Adobe files of many of the printed manuals, lesson plans, activities and resources found in the Stormwater Education Toolkit Volume III: Youth. The educational resources are organized into sections by topic and are listed in each topic in the order that they appear printed in the toolkit binder. A list of the materials in each section with printing recommendations can be found in the introduction Word document listed first in each section. Simply click on the publication that you want to print to download it for viewing or reproduction.

Funding for this program was made possible by a Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a contract with the Stormwater/Nonpoint Source Management Section of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the Florida Community College Consortium for Pollution Prevention Education and Midwest Research Institute – Florida Division (MRI-FL).

Special thanks to Del Suggs for allowing the use of his "Saltwater Music" on the CD. The beginning of the song entitled "A Hurricane's Coming" is used with permission from Delma Carl Suggs and Cascades Recording Company. For more information, go to