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What is the SET?
The Stormwater Education Toolkit (SET) contains thousands of educational products organized by target audience into three volumes. Each toolkit volume contains digitized educational materials in Adobe .pdf format that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. (click to download Adobe Acrobat free). Permission has been granted by the originating agencies to reprint the materials in the SET for non-profit purposes.

Customizing Publications in the SET
Some of the materials can be customized using Adobe Distiller or Writer to include your local contact information or logos. A table at the beginning of each topic divider lists each publication in that section, whether it exists in a digital form or how it can be ordered, and printing suggestions.

SET Contents

Volume I: General Public
Manuals: "Implementing an Effective NPS Pollution Education Program"; "How to Implement a Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program"
Resources: Boat Owners, Household Hazardous Materials, Lawn and Garden, Media, Multicultural, Pet Waste Management, Promotional Giveaways, Septic System Maintenance, Stormwater Runoff, Trash and Litter, Volunteer programs, Water Conservation and Watershed Education.
Open Volume I: General Public Download Volume I (239MB)
Volume II: Business/Industry & Government
Manuals: "Stormwater Best Management Practice Selection and Implementation"; "Website Resources and Points of Contact"; "Glossary of Terms"
Resources: Best Management Practices, Employee Training, Funding Sources, GIS/GPS Applications, Green Business Program, Hotlines, Low Impact Development, Model Ordinances, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Water Conservation, and a watershed map of Florida.
Open Volume II: Business/Industry & Government Download Volume II (64MB)
Volume III: Youth
Manuals: "8 Months To Your Children's Water Festival" "Student Activities for the Classroom"
Resources: /lesson plans, Educational Guides, and References/Catalogs.
Open Volume III: Youth Download Volume III (65MB)

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Download it here.

Funding for the Stormwater Education Toolkit was made possible through a Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a contract with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Watershed Management and the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida.

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